About Me

My name is Anthony but those close to me call me Ant. I am based in Hampshire but cover all areas of the South West and am prepared to travel within the UK. It is my role on your wedding day to be as unobtrusive as possible allowing you to thoroughly enjoy your day, while I go about making a 'picture book' of the occasion which you can reflect on over the months and years to follow. Reportage wedding photography has become very popular as the results are far more natural - and your wedding photographer does not have to boss you around all day!

I trained originally as a DVD author and editor and understand composition, shape and texture. Because of this I always try to incorporate these elements into my photography. I make the best use of available light to avoid the use of flash, but need to use it occasionally especially in poorly lit locations. As a photographer I always have one eye in the view finder and the other is making sure I am not missing anything in the background.

Before selecting me to be your wedding photographer I have one special request - that we meet and I get to know you. This helps me not only to establish a rapport which will put you at ease during your special day but it also allows me to understand what you expect of me and lets me plan my work prior to the event. This is your special day which I want to be part of so it is important that you chose someone you are comfortable with.